Research has shown many family members, fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, cousins, who served in the military. The names below are family relations, all related to me. NAMES in RED, are direct blood-line ancestors. This is in no way a complete list, as there are names yet to be discovered and properly documented. The following is as complete and documented as  30 Nov 2015 :

William BASKIN -- VIRGINIA Militia 1760's Staunton, VA
Emphraim BREVARD -- Cherokee Expedition under General Rutherford 1776
John Phillip HARTSOE -- Joined local militia 1772 under Captain Jedthan HARPER
Richard HILTON
 -- Cherokee-Indian War 1759-1760 under Col. Richard Richardson Bttln SC Militia
Hugh McCAIN, Sr. -- NC Militia, Anson County, NC (Petty Officer)
Andrew PICKENS --  NC Militia, Anson County, NC
Joseph PICKENS -- NC (Mecklenburg County) Militia, 1755-1756 

Some historians consider the Battle at Alamance as the first battle of the American Revolution.
Benjamin BEESON, Jr. -- Present at Battle of Alamance between Regulators and Royalist Militia
Isaac BEESON -- Present at Battle of Alamance between Regulators and Royalist Militia
William BEESON -- Present at Battle of Alamance between Regulators and Royalist Militia
John BOND -- Present at Battle of Alamance between Regulators and Royalist Militia
John Phillip HARTSOE -- Regulator (possibly at Battle of Alamance)

 -- Present at Battle between Regulators and Royalist Militia
 -- Present at Battle between Regulators and Royalist Militia
Joshua TEAGUE -- Present at Battle of Alamance between Regulators and Royalist Militia

Henry ALBRIGHT -- NC Militia -Sgt -Col. O'Neale - captured 1781 / exchanged Charleston 1782
John Ludwick ALBRIGHT -- NC Militia - Battle of Guilford Court House/ Lindley's Mill
Simon ALBRIGHT -- NC Militia - [KIA]
Abraham ALEXANDER -- Mecklenburg County (NC) Committee of Safety, Chairman
Adam ALEXANDER -- NC Militia - Colonel
George ALEXANDER -- Colonel / Commandant of Mecklenburg County Militia Regiment
Isaac ALEXANDER -- NC Militia - Pvt/Sgt.
James ALEXANDER -- Spartan Regiment - SC
James ALEXANDER, Jr. -- Spartan Regiment - SC 

James Rankin ALEXANDER -- Mecklenburg County, NC Militia - Surgeon
William ALEXANDER -- NC Militia - Captain - [1775-1783]
James BALL -- 6th VIRGINIA,
John BALL -- 6th VIRGINIA,
Andrew BASKIN -- Camden District Militia - SC - served 1779-1780 Lt. John MARSHALL
Hugh BASKIN -- Capt. William BASKIN's Company SC Militia - Sergeant
James BASKIN -- Ninety-Six District Regiment, Captain - SC- Cherokeetown Expedition 1776- w'd
William BASKIN -- SC Militia - Commander Capt. William BASKIN's Company - Captain
Edward BEESON -- NC Militia,
William BIRD -- Cheraws District Militia - SC

William Hiram BLAIR, Jr. -- Kershaw Regiment Militia - SC - served 1780-1781
John BLAKENEY -- Cheraws District Militia, SC
Robert BLAKENEY -- Cheraws District Militia, SC
Thomas BLAKENEY -- Cheraws District Militia ,SC - Genl Marion's Brigade
Burwell BOYKIN -- Kershaw District Militia, SC - Horseman under. Col. John Marshall
Adam BREVARD -- Continental Army under Gen. Washington; NC Militia at Ramsour's Mill
Alexander BREVARD -- Continental Army, 
                   [fought many battles of the “Jersey's” and Southern campaign under Gen. Greene]
Ephraim BREVARD -- Authored Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence 20 May 1775 
Hugh BREVARD -- NC Militia, Colonel, at Battle of Ramsour's Mill
John BREVARD, Jr. -- Continental Army,
Zebulon BREVARD, Sr. -- NC Militia
James CANNON -- SC Militia - Col. James Wilson's Regiment, Ninety-Six District, SC
James CANTEY -- SC Militia, Captain - was at Siege of Charleston, 1780

Josiah CANTEY -- Kershaw Regiment Militia, 1780-1781
Zachariah CANTEY -- Camden Regiment Militia
William CASON -- SC Militia
Burrell CATO -- SC Militia, Col John Marshall's Regmt, Marion's Brigade, Pvt.
William CATO -- SC 6th Regiment
William Lee DAVIDSON -- Salisbury District NC Militia, General (Killed Cowan's Ford, NC)

 -- Served w/ Gen. Francis Marion's Militia Brigade; Ensign
John GILLON --
 Served (NC Militia) Cavalry under Capt, John Reed, Pvt. [wounded]
James H HILTON -- SC 3rd Regiment, Pvt
Samuel HILTON, Sr. -- SC 3rd Regiment, Pvt
Samuel JONES -- SC Militia under Capt. Wm. Nettles in Colonel Marshall's Regiment, Pvt.
Eli KERSHAW -- SC Continental Line, Lt. Colonel
Joseph KERSHAW -- SC Militia, Colonel
Hugh McCAIN, Jr. --
 SC Militia (fought at Battle of Hanging Rock; also in Sumter's Brigade)
Hugh McCAIN, Sr. -- NC Militia
John S. McCAIN -- NC Militia (Pvt.)
William S. McCAIN -- NC Militia (with Washington at Valley Forge)
George McWHORTER -- Kershaw SC Regiment
George MILLER --
Lt. Col. Samuel Hammond's Reg. SC State Troops (Pvt.)
James NISBET -- SC Militia Cavalry, (Capt. Andrew Barry and Jno. Nisbetts Company)
John NISBET -- S
C Militia - (was at the Battle of Hanging Rock) Captain in cavalry
John NISBET -- Committee of Safety of Rowan County, NC
William NISBET -- SC Militia Cavalry, Colonel (fought w/ Gen. Sumter Battle of Hanging Rock)
Andrew PICKENS -- SC Militia,
Brigadier General 
Andrew PICKENS -- SC Militia (wd in knee Seneca River July 1776; at Siege of Ninety Six July 1781)
Gabriel PICKENS -- SC Militia, (Pvt.)
Israel PICKENS -- SC Militia
John PICKENS -- SC Militia (Pvt.) [Col. Anderson's company -- scalped and burnt to death 16 Dec 1781]
John PICKENS -- SC Militia Captain
Joseph PICKENS -- NC Militia, Captain [killed at the siege of Ninety Six, in June 1781
Robert PICKENS -- SC Militia [was in the Battle of Cowpens 17 Jan 1781]
William Gabriel PICKENS (1760-1835) SC Militia [a spy on the frontier]
William Henry PICKENS -- SC Militia [served as Indian spy; battles of Ninety Six, Kettle Creek & more]

John SILER -- Virginia Continental Army
Plikard Dederic SILER, Sr. -- Patriotic Service to General Greene's Army
Captain Peter SUMMERS -- 1st
North Carolina Battalion (Militia) 
[prisoner of war @ Surrender of Charleston 1871 under Gen. Lincoln]
Captain James WALKUP -- NC Militia Cavalry under Col. William R. Davies, Captain
Stephen WHITE -- NC Militia, Sgt. (died in service)

*WAR OF 1812
Benjamin Thomas ELMORE -- Capt SC Militia

Daniel Morgan FORNEY -- Major NC 12th Infantry / NC 2d Artillery
Hugh McCAIN -- 7th Reg't, 9th Company, Detached from the 2nd Mecklenburg Reg't
Michael MILLER -- Lieutenant
Samuel NISBET- Private, Capt. William McGary's Co., 5th Regiment Hopkins County, KY
William NISBET -- 
Major w/ Gen. Andrew Jackson at New Orleans
John Caldwell PICKENS  -- Lt. Col. US Army
George WAGNER -- Private, Capt.Willotz's Company, 1st Regt. 2d Brigade PENNSLYVANIA


*THE CREEK WAR OF 1813-1814
Spruce McCay OSBOURNE -- 2d Lt. MISSISSIPPI Territorial Volunteers - Surgeon
[Killed in the Massacre at Fort Mims, ALABAMA -- 1813]
William Barrett TRAVIS -- Colonel, Texas commander at the Battle of the Alamo (KIA - 5 March 1836)

Thomas Walker HUEY, Sr. -- 47th Regiment SC Militia - Colonel
Samuel JONES
 -- 22d Reg't SC Militia- Major
Burrell JONES -- 5th Brigade SOUTH CAROLINA Militia, Brigadier General, 1856-1859
Samuel Hoey WALKUP -- 69th Reg't NC Militia, 2nd Lt.
William Wilshire WALKUP -- 69th Reg't NC Militia, Colonel

*MEXICAN WAR (1846-1848)

Joseph ABNEY -- Palmetto Reg't, Co. D, Lieutenant
William Ingram BASKIN -- Palmetto Reg't, Co.I, Private
William Lafayette BELK -- Palmetto Reg't, Co. I, Private
Marion G. CASTON -- Palmetto Co. I, Private; (d. 20 Aug 1847 @Churubusco, MEXICO)
Samuel Lafayette CASTON --
Palmetto Reg't, Co.I, Private
John M. CATOE -- Palmetto Reg't, Co. C; Private; (d. 21 Jul 1847 @Puebla, MEXICO)
Edward Constantine DAVIDSON -- 1st Lt. USA 3d Dragoons [from NC]

James Polk DICKINSON -- Palmetto Reg't. Lt. Col.; (d. 11 Sep 1847 @San Augustin, MEXICO)
William Ramson GARDNER
Palmetto Reg't, Co. I, Private
George HILTON -- Palmetto Reg't, Co. I, 3rd Sgt. ;(d. 4 July 1847 @ Vera Cruz, MEXICO) 
Milam Leon "Miel" HILTON -- Palmetto Reg't, Co. I
Minor HILTON -- 
Palmetto Reg't, Co. I, Corporal; (d. @ 12 Aug 1847 @ Puebla, MEXICO)
Samuel HILTON -- Palmetto Reg't, Co. I, Corporal; (d. 10 July 1847 @ Vera Cruz, MEXICO)
William Richard HILTON -- Palmetto Reg't, (d. 20 Aug 1847 @ Churubasco, MEXICO)
Sanford HORTON -- Palmetto Reg't Co. I, Private
Benjamin Blakeney MASSEY -- Palmetto Reg't, Co. I, Private (d. 13 Oct 1847 @ Puebla, MEXICO)
Amon McMANUS -- Palmetto Reg't, Co. 1, Private; (d. 15 Jul 1847 @ Puebla, MEXICO)
Pleasant McMANUS -- Palmetto Reg't, Co. I, Private: (deserted 24 Jan 1847, Mobile, ALABAMA)
William Harper McMURRAY -- Palmetto Reg't, Co. I, (d. 27 Dec 1846; the Battalion had departed 18 Dec 1846)

Hugh Lawrence MILLER -- Palmetto Reg't, Co. H, 3rd Corporal
James (Jerome) M. MILLER -- Palmetto Reg't, Co. H, Sgt.  

Davis Collins PHILLIPS -- Palmetto Reg't, Co. I / transferred to Co. B, Sergant.
William Burrell PHILLIPS -- Palmetto Reg't, Co. I / transferred to Co. B,
Martin Luther SMITH -- US ARMY Engineers, 1st Lt.
Benjamin F. SPEARS -- Palmetto Reg't, Co. C, Private

CONFEDERATE TROOPS      [Nr of family related men = 712 (not all names listed)]
Andrew Jackson ALBRIGHT -- Co. F, 53d Reg't NC Infantry,Capt [Gettysburg/w&c Fisher's Hill 22 Sep '64]
Daniel E. ALBRIGHT  -- Co. G, 2d Reg't NC Cavalry, Pvt 
George M. ALBRIGHT -- Co. F, 53 Regiment NC Infantry, Captain [w
Gettysburg, dow 16 Jul '63]
James Washington ALBRIGHT -- 12th VIRGINIA Battalion Light Artillery, Ordnance Sgt.
John Emsley ALBRIGHT -- Co. C, 10 Regiment NC Troops, Sgt (1 Regt NC Artillery) [
John S. ALBRIGHT -- F&S Musician - 6th Regiment Infantry
John S. ALBRIGHT -- Co. F, 6th Regiment NC Infantry, Pvt [
Gettysburg - dow 2 Jul '63 ]
Henry Clay ALBRIGHT -- Co. G, 26th Regiment NC Infantry [Richmond, VA - dow '64]
Peter Rufus ALBRIGHT -- Co. C, 57th Regiment NC Infantry, Pvt
Samuel A. ALBRIGHT -- Co. F, 53 Regiment NC Infantry, 2d Lt [w
Gettysburg/ KIA Spotsylvania]
Sauren ALBRIGHT -- Co. E, 1st Regiment NC Infantry, Pvt,[w.Sharpsburg/
Gettysburg/KIA Mine Run, VA]
Francis Ramsey ALEXANDER -- Co. K, 56th Regiment NC Infantry, Capt [Petersburg -dow '64]
James Wallace ALEXANDER -- Co. F, 5th Regiment NC Infantry, Pvt. [Charlottesville - dod 3 Aug '63]
Samuel Johnston ALEXANDER -- 20th Regiment NC Infantry, Lt/Capt
                    [Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg,
Thomas Lafayette ALEXANDER-- Co. C, 37th Regiment NC Infantry, Pvt. 
Amos Talmadge ALLEN  -- Co. B, 13th MISSISSIPPI Infantry, Pvt. [
James M. ALLRED  -- Co. I, 22d Reg't NC Troops, Pvt  [
Lynchburg VA-dod- pneumonia]  
Joseph H. AVERY -- Co. D, FLORIDA 7th Infantry Reg't, Pvt. 
James A. BARKER -- Co. K, 54th Reg't NC Troops, Pvt.
Nathan BARKER -- Co. G, 52d Reg't NC Troops [c.
Gettysburg 5 Jul '63 (Q)] 
Calvin BARRETT -- Co. I, 11th TEXAS Cavalry, Pvt.
James B. BARRETT -- Co. F, 20th (Sutton's) TEXAS Cavalry, Pvt
William Alexander BARRETT -- Co. A, 23d Reg't NC Infantry, Cpl. [x2
James O. BASKIN -- Co. F, 31 Regiment GEORGIA Infantry, Pvt. [w.13 Dec '62/w. & c.
Gettysburg/ POW]
William Holmes BASKIN -- Co. K, 11 GEORGIA Volunteer Infantry, 1st Lt.
[Gettysburg KIA]
William Peebles BASKIN -- Co. B, SOUTH CAROLINA Military Institute, Cadet 3rd Sgt.
William Ward BASKINS -- Co.H,, 2d Reg't SC Infantry, Pvt. [
Abel Nelson Washington BELK -- Co. G 14th Reg't SC Infantry, Pvt
Darling "Dickey" Anderson BELK --
Co. H, 4th Reg't SC Volunteer Cavalry,Sgt [w'd & c]
Darling (Dickey) Alexander BELK - 
Co. A, 4th Reg't Volunteer Cavalry, 5th Sgt [w. Cold Harbor, VA]
John W. BELK --  82d Reg't Union County, 1st Company 20th Brigade, 2nd Lt.
Larkin R. BELK -- Co. C, 10th NC Battalion Heavy Artillery, Pvt.
William Harper BELK -- Co. I, 17th Reg't SCVI, Pvt

Samuel Jones BENTON -- Co. G/K, 2d Reg't SCVI, 3rd Sgt. [
Hartwell BIRD -- Co. B, 52d Reg't NC Troops, Pvt [wounded in action]
James S. BIRD -- Co. E, 12th SCVI, Pvt.
John Alexander BIRD -- Co. A, 4th Reg't SC Volunteer Calvary, Pvt
William Lee BIRD -- Co. G, 2d SC Infantry (2d Palmetto) Pvt. [
Gettysburg - dow]
Joseph S. BLACK -- Co. K, 17yj Regiment ALABAMA Infantry, Pvt.
T. Chapman BLACKMON -- Co. E, 22d Reg't SC Infantry, Pvt
James Seaborn BLAIR -- 119th Reg't NC Militia Union County, 20th Brigade, Surgeon
Joseph Reece BLAIR -- Co. A, 1st Reg't NC Infantry, Pvt.; Later 11th Reg't [
KIA -'62]
William BRACKNELL -- Co. B, 44th Reg't ALABAMA Infantry, Pvt. [VA - dod]
Albert Edward BLAKENEY -- Co. A & B, Arsenal Academy, SC Military Institute, Cadet 4th Class 
Jacob BOON -- Co. E, 27th Regiment NC Infantry, Pvt. 
James Monroe BRANNOCK -- Co. K, 47th Reg't NC Troops, Pvt
Thomas Jefferson BRANNOCK -- Co. K, 47th Reg't NC Troops, Pvt
Gettysburg- 1 Jul '63 KIA]
George Cauthen BRASINGTON -- Co. H, 2d SCVI, 2nd Sgt. / promoted to 2nd Lt.,
Gettysburg- dow 6 July '63]
Joseph A. BREVARD -- Co. H, 29th NC State Troops, Captain  [Atlanta - 20 Jul '64 dod] 
Theodore Washington BREVARD -- 11th/2d Reg'ts FLORIDA Infantry, Brig General [captured]
Zebulon P. BREVARD -- Co. H, 29th Reg't NC Infantry, Pvt. [c. Chattahoochie / July '64]
Eli BROWN -- Co. B, 52d Reg't NC State Troops, Pvt
Henry Clay BROWN -- 26th Reg't NC State Troops Pvt. [c. Bristowe Station, VA/
POW Pt. Lookout, MD]
Asaph Calvin CAGLE -- Co. A, 62nd Regiment NORTH CAROLINA Infantry, Pvt.
Calvin CAGLE  -- Co. K, 63rd Regiment Calvary (NC 5th Regiment Cavalry) 
David D. CAGLE -- Co. H, 14th Reg't NC Infantry, Pvt [VA - dod
Dempsey CAGLE -- Co. G, 18th Regiment NC Infantry, Pvt.
Enoch S. CAGLE -- Co. H, 26th Regiment NORTH CAROLINA Infantry, Pvt.
George CAGLE --
 Co. F, 2d Battalion NC Infantry, Pvt [c.
Gettysburg / POW Davids Island, NY exchgd]
Henry Cleveland CAGLE -- Co. K, 54th Reg't / Co. F, 2nd Battalion NC Infantry, Cpl
Henry Washington CAGLE -- 39th Regiment NORTH CAROLINA Infantry, 2d Lt.
Jacob CAGLE -- Co. (2d)D, 35th Regiment TENNESSEE Infantry, Pvt
          [Corinth, MS/killed by fall of tree in camp
James Martin CAGLE -- Co. F, 2d Battalion NC Infantry, Pvt [
Petersburg, VA - dod /pneumonia]
Lewis E. CAGLE -- Co. F, 2d Battalion NC Infantry, Pvt [w & c
Gettysburg/d. awaiting exchange Newton, VA]
Stiles Eli CARMICHAEL -- Co. F, 2d GEORGIA Cavalry Reg't (Chapman's)
James Washing CARRAWAY -- Co. F, 48th Reg't NC Infantry, Pvt
[Lynchburg, VA - dod 28 Nov '62]
Blair Burrel CASTON -- Co. H, 2d SCVI, Pvt. [Siege of Chattanooga, GA '63
Abram Deason CATO --  Co. G, 2d SCVI, Pvt. [dod]
J.A. CATO -- Co. C, 4th MISSISSIPPI Cavalry Sgt. [Shiloh /Battle of Harrisburg, MS July '64
James Newton CATO -- Co. C, TEXAS 29th Cavalry Regiment, Pvt.
Richard Emanuel CATO -- Co. H, 2d SCVI, Pvt. [
Richmond, VA dod]
Richard H. CATO -- Co. C, TEXAS 29th Cavalry Regiment, Pvt.
William Thomas CATO -- Co. F, 7th SCVI Battalion, Pvt.[Wilmington, NC dod]
Wilson Cornelius CATO -- Co. C, TEXAS 29th Cavalry Regiment, Pvt.
Henry CATOE -- Co. D, 5th Battalion of SC State Troops Reserve, Pvt.
Benjamin Rutledge CLYBURN -- Co. H, 2d SCVI, Major
Gettysburg- facial wounds /Cedar Creek, VA /leg amputated]
George Walter CLYBURN, Sr. -- Co. E, 22d Reg't of SC Infantry, Pvt [
Boonesborough, MD KIA]
Thomas Franklin CLYBURN -- Co. E, 12th SCVI, Colonel  [
w. by grapeshot]                       
onsidered the youngest Colonel in the Confederacy]
Richard A. CORRIHER -- Co. K, 57th Reg't NC Infantry Pvt. [w. Fredericksburg, VA -left arm amput'd]
Thomas W. CORRIHER -- Co. G, 42d Reg't NC Infantry Pvt.
Richard Richmond COX -- Co.H, 44th MISSISSIPP Infantry, Pvt. ['62 dod-pneumonia]
John Springs CROCKETT-- Co. F, 10th Reg't GA Cavalry (State Guards)
Edward Constantine DAVIDSON -- 35th Regiment NC Infantry, Captain
John E. A. DAVIDSON -- Surgeon -- 3d /4th Reg'ts FLORIDA Infantry - [Resigned Sept 1861]
Asa DEAS -- Co. H, 2d SCVI, Pvt [Fredericksburg, VA- dod]
Edward Pompi DEASON -- Co. E. 18th Reg't ALABAMA Infantry, Sgt
[c. AtlantaGA '64
H. Huey DEASON -- Co. F, 23d Alabama Infantry Reg't,Pvt [
KIA- Chattanooga]
James William DEASON -- Co. B, 44th ALABAMA Infantry Regt. Pvt. [w. Sharpsburg, MD -left side
John Columbus DEASON -- Co. B, 44th ALABAMA infantry Regt., Cpl.[
Gettysburg/ c. Suffolk, VA] 
                    (See HOME page about rifle lost at Gettysburg)
Middleton DEASON -- Co. F, 41st ALABAMA Infantry Regt., Pvt.
William H. DEASON -- Co. E, 18th ALABAMA Infantry, Cpl.  [d.
Academy Hospital, Marietta, AL]
William Alexander DENNIS -- Co. A, 1st MISSISSIPPI Light Artillery, Pvt.
Frederick Stanley DeWOLFE -- Confederate Army General Staff/ Inspection General, Captain
Green Berry DICKSON -- Co. E, 14th Reg't ALABAMA Infantry
[w.& c.
Gettysburg - POW]
William Benjamin DUNLAP -- Co. A, 5th Reg't SCVI, 1st Lt.
William James DUNN-- Co. G, 2d SCVI, Pvt.
Gettysburg / Richmond, VA dod]
Madison Lindsay EFLAND -- Co. D, 53d Regiment NC Infantry, 1st Lt. [w.
Gettysburg POW]
Charles Pinckey EUBANKS -- Co. C, 2d Battalion ALABAMA Light Artillery, Pvt.
[c. Vicksburg
John C. EUBANKS -- CSA Veteran - North Carolina State Troops
John C. EUBANKS -- Co. H, 40th ALABAMA Infantry, Pvt.
John Francis Marion EUBANKS -- Co. E, 36th ALABAMA Infantry, Pvt
Littleton Havard EUBANKS -- Co. E, 36th ALABAMA Infantry, Pvt
Stephen Prentiss EUBANKS -- Co. C, 2d Battalion ALABAMA Light Artillery, Pvt.
Thomas Canady EUBANKS -- 82d Reg't NC Militia Union County Co. 4, 20th Brigade,
Thomas Jefferson EUBANKS -- Co. C, 2d Battalion ALABAMA Light Artillery, Pvt. [c. Vicksburg
William Franklin EUBANKS -- Co. M, 1st MISSISSIPPI Cavalry (Wirt Adams Reg't), Pvt.
EULISS Eli Simeon -- Co. H, 15th Regiment NC Infantry; Captain [Bristow Sta; Cold Harbor; Petersburg]
Benjamin A. EVANS -- Co. A&B, Arsenal Academy, SC Military Institute, Cadet 4th Class
Calvin L. EVANS -- Co. B, SC Military Institute, Cadet 4th Class
C. C. FAILE -- Co. D, 1st SCVI, Pvt
George Washington FAILE -- Co. I, 17th SC Infantry Reg't, Pvt [lost left arm @ shoulder]
John FAILE -- Co. I, 17th SC Infantry Reg't, Pvt
John FAILE -- Co. B, 4th Reg't SC State Troops, Pvt. 
Lewis FAILE -- Co. G, 13th Mississippi Infantry, Sgt. [
Gettysburg / w. Fisher's Hill '64/lost leg ]
Nathan FAILE -- Co. C, 15th SC Heavy Artillery, CSA
Nathan Grandison FAILE-- Co. I, 3d Reg't SCVI, Pvt*
Jacob FAUST -- Co. B, 27th Regiment NC Infantry, Pvt. [
POW Hart's Island NY '65 dod]
Pleasant Calloway FERGUSON -- Co. I, 48th NC Infantry, Pvt. 
POW Pt. Lookout, MD]
William Quincy FERGUSON -- Co. I, 48th NC Infantry, Pvt
Thomas Jefferson FLOW -- Co. H, 35th Reg't NC Infantry, Pvt.
FOGLEMAN, John Andrew -- Co. G, 26th Regt NC Infantry, Pvt [w.
Gettysburg 1 Jul '63/ POW Pt. Lookout]
Isaac Boston FRYAR -- Co. B/D, 10th Bttn NC Heavy Artillery, Pvt.
Alfred GARDNER -- Co. E, 12th SCVI, [Blair Guards], Pvt 
[at home SC dod]
Alfred GARDNER -- Co. B, 5th SC Reg't SC Troops, Pvt
Chapman Levy GARDNER -- Co. G, 7th SCVIBn, Pvt
[Drury's Bluff, VA
Churchwell W. GARDNER -- Co. E, 12th SCVI, (Blair Guards)1st Sgt.
Francis Marion GARDNER -- Co. E, 12th SCVI, Pvt
[ w&c
Gettysburg /POW- David's Island, NEW YORK dow]
George W. GARDNER -- Co. E, 12th SCVI, 1st Sgt.
/ w. & c. /exchanged
Isaac GARDNER II -- Co. E, 5th Reg't of Reserves, SC Volunteers CSA Provisional Army**
Isaac "Coot" GARDNER III -- Co. E, 12th SCVI, Pvt
James Franklin GARDNER -- Co. I, 3d Reg't SCVI, Pvt
John F. GARDNER -- Co. I, 3d Reg't SCVI, Pvt*
John William GARDNER -- Co. F, 7th SCVI, Pvt
[Richmond, VA '62 dod]
Miles GARDNER -- Co. E, 22d Reg't SC Volunteers, Pvt
Ransom GARDNER -- Co. I, 17th SC Infantry Reg't, Pvt
Ramson GARDNER I -- SC 4th SC Infantry Reg't / SC 13th Infantry Regiment, Pvt
Robert C. GARDNER -- Co. G, 2d SCVI, Pvt 
[w. Battle 1st Manassas, VA - Nov '61 dow]
Robert I GARDNER -- Co. E, 12th SCVI, (Blair Guards) 
2nd Lt.
Samuel GARDNER -- Co. H, 2d SCVI, Pvt [x2 w'd /
Seaborn (Sebe) Caswell GARDNER -- Co. H, 2d SCVI, 1st Sgt.[
c. Sharpsburg /exchanged /w'd]
Stephen Lee GARDNER -- Co. E, 12th SCVI, Pvt
William Ransom GARDNER -- Co. E, 12th SCVI,
2nd Lt.
George Washington GERRINGER -- Co. A, 53d Reg't NC Troops, Pvt [wounded x4]
John GERRINGER -- Co. E, 13th Reg't NC Troops, Pvt. [
w. Chancellorsville '63]
John Henry GERRINGER -- Co. H, 1st Reg't NC Troops, Pvt. [w.
Gettysburg '63  d.Camp Letterman Hosp]
John Simeon GERRINGER -- Co. M, 21st Reg't NC Troops, Pvt.
[c. Chancellorsville '63
POW (A)]
John William GERRINGER -- Co. I, 63d Reg't NC Troops, Pvt.
Valentine "Felty" GERRINGER -- Co. E, 13th Reg't NC Troops, Pvt. [
Gettysburg  KIA]
William Rankin GERRINGER -- Co. A, 4th Battalion NC Junior Reserves [Ft. Fisher, NC /
Michael Monroe GILLON -- Co. D, 34th Reg't NC Infantry, 1st Lt [
Gettysburg / w. Petersburg, VA]  
John Douglas GLENN -- Co. D, 1st SCVI, Pvt. (Hagood's) [Lynchburg, VA - Feb '63 -dod/ typhoid]
Owen GREGORY, Sr. -- Co. D, 1st SCVI, 3rd Sgt. (Hagood's)
Thomas Twitty GREGORY -- Co. I, 17th SC Infantry Reg't, Pvt (Lancaster Greys)
William Harrison GREGORY -- Co. D, 1st SCVI, Pvt, (Hagood's)
Willis Twitty GREGORY -- Co. H, 2d SCVI, Pvt. [VA '61 dod]
Robert Jackson GRIFFITH -- Co. B, 26th Regment SC Infantry, Pvt.
David Madison GUDGEN -- Co. F, 14th Reg't NC Infantry, Pvt. [w. Malvern Hill, VA '62]
James Cassius Lowy GUDGEN -- Co. I, 25th Reg't NC Infantry, Sgt./ Adjut [
c. Five Forks, VA-
S.B. HAMMONDS -- Co. H, 4th Reg't SC Cavalry, Pvt  [captured /exchanged]
Daniel HARKEY -- Co. F, 48th Reg't NC Infantry, Pvt. [
Fredericksburg, VA '62
James Cook Bizelle HARKNESS -- Co. C, 11th Reg't ALABAMA Infantry Pvt. / Capt [ w.x2]
George Marion HARPER -- Co. A, 11th Battalion GEORGIA Artillery, Pvt. (Sumter Artillery) [
w. '64]
Joel HELTON -- Co. F, 7th Regiment GEORGIA Infantry, Pvt.
Andrew Jackson HILTON -- Co. D, 11th Reg't TEXAS Infantry, Pvt
Benjamin Aurelois HILTON -- Co. C, 15th Battallion SC Heavy Artillery, Pvt (Lucas')
David R. HILTON -- Co. E, 12th SCVI, Pvt
George J. HILTON -- Co. A, 4th SCV Cavalry, Pvt [Hawes' Shop, VA '64
James P. HILTON -- Co. E, 5th Reg't of (SC) State Troops, Senior Reserves, Pvt
J. Leander HILTON -- Co. I, 12th SCVI, Pvt [Gaines Mill, VA - dow age 17]
Leroy "Lee" R. HILTON -- Co. B, 26th NC State Troops Infantry, Pvt [
Gettysburg & w. Richmond]
Milam Leon "Miel" HILTON -- Co. E, 22d SCVI, 
Minton D. HILTON -- Co. C, 1st SCVI, Pvt [Ft. Moultrie, SC
Moses HILTON -- Co. I, 17th SC Infantry Reg't
Oren Tillman HILTON -- Co. E, 12th SCVI, Pvt [Gaines Mill, VA
Richard Burrell HILTON, Jr. -- Co. E, 12th SCVI, 4th Sgt. [
Richard Tillman HILTON -- Co. H, 2d SCVI, 4th Cpl (Lancaster Invincibles)
Richard William HILTON -- Co. E, 12th SCVI, Pvt., [Spotsylvania, VA -12 May '64
Samuel HILTON -- Co. D, 1st SCVI, Pvt.,(Hagood's) [dow]
Samuel Harrison HILTON -- Co. C, 1st Reg't NC Cavalry, Pvt.
Seaborn J. HILTON -- Co. D, 1st SCVI, Pvt.,(Hagood's)
Thomas F. HILTON -- Co. D, 1st SCVI, (Hagood's) 
w. in breast at Lookout Mt., TN /POW d. in Rock Island Prison]
William Beckham HILTON -- Co. E, 22d SCVI, 2nd Lt.  (Lancaster Guard)
William Henry HILTON --
Co. D, 1st SCVI, Pvt. (Hagood's) [POW]
William Hursh HILTON -- Co. D, 1st SCVI, Pvt., (Hagood's) [
William Wesley HILTON -- CSA - SC [
Jacob HINSHAW -- Co. G, 52d Reg't NC Infantry[c. Gettysburg - 5 Jul '63/
POW Ft. Delaware, DE (Q)]
Thomas HINSHAW -- Co. G, 52d Reg't NC Infantry [
c. Gettysburg 5 July '63
Albert Calvin HINSON -- Co. H, 4th Battalion Volunteer Cavalry, Pvt (Butler's)
Maredion Lily HINSON -- Co.H, 2d SCVI, 4th Corporal [w. in jaw
Marion Richard HINSON -- Co. H, 2d SCVI, 3rd Lt. [
Gettysburg dow]
Martin Van Buren HINSON -- Co. I, 3d Reg't SCVI, 3rd Corporal*
Orin C. HINSON -- Co. E, 22d SCVI,
Albert E. HORTON -- Co. A, 1st SCVIR, Pvt  [Bentonville, NC '65
Doniver A. HORTON -- Co. D, 1st SCVI (Hagood's) Pvt. [Ft. Harrison, VA '64
James Ervin HORTON -- Co. F, 7th SC Battalion, 2d Lt.
[1 Nov '62 dod- typhoid fever]
James Jefferson HORTON, Jr. -- Co. H, 2nd SCVI, Pvt.
John C. HORTON  -- Co. G, 7th SC Battalion, Pvt.
Thomas Cauthen HORTON -- Co. G, 7th SC Battalion, Pvt/Cpl. 
POW- 21 Aug '64]
Thomas Racine HORTON -- Co. F, 7th SC Battalion Pvt., (Lucas Rifles)
Benjamin Maclin HUEY -- Co. E, 10th ALABAMA Volunteer Infantry Sgt/ 2d Lt. 
James Calvin HUEY -- Co. A, 5th Reg't / Co. I, 1st Reg't SCVI, Sgt.[c. Mar 1865
Joseph Harvey HUEY -- Co. A, 5th Reg't SC Volunteer Infantry
Simeon Hyder HUEY -- Co. I, 12th SCVI, Sgt [w. & c.
Gettysburg POW /exchngd]
Thomas Calvin HUEY -- Co. H, 17th GEORGIA Infantry Volunteers, Sgt. [dod '62]
Joseph P. JOHNSON -- Co. E, 12th SCVI, Cpl. [Battle of The Wilderness '64
William H. JOHNSON -- Co. E, 12th SCVI, Pvt. [Spotsylvania, VA '64
Benjamin Franklin JONES -- SC (unit to be researched)
Burwell Marion JONES-- Co. D, 5th Battalion (SC) State Troops, Senior Reserves, Pvt **
Burwell Newton JONES -- Co. H, 4th Reg't SC Cavalry, Sgt.
George Washington JONES -- Co. G, 2d Reg't SC Volunteer Infantry, Sgt.
John Welch JONES, MD -- 17th Reg't SC Volunteer Infantry, Surgeon
Lawrence Churchill JONES -- Co. G, 7th SC Battalion (Enfield Rifles)
Samuel Dickerson JONES -- Co. G, 2d Reg't SCVI, Musician, Cpl. [Battle 1st Manassas
Joseph T. KENNINGTON -- Co. G, SC 3d Palmetto Battalion Light Artillery 
Richard R. KENNINGTON -- Co. H, 2nd SCVI, Pvt.[Battle of The Wilderness '64
William Robert KENNINGTON -- Co. H, 2d SCVI,  2nd Sgt. [Wounded /POW]
William J. KERR -- Co. D, 7th Reg't NC Infantry, Captain
[Chancellorsville '63
Richard Rowland KIRKLAND -- Co. E/Co.G, 2nd SCVI [
Gettysburg/Chickamaugua- KIA CSA Medal of Honor
Andrew Jackson KNIGHT -- Co. I, 17th Reg't SC Volunteer Infantry, Pvt
Elkanah H. LAMB -- Co. I, 22d Reg't NC Infantry, Pvt [executed as deserter Jan 1864]
John Randolph LANE -- 26th Reg't NC Troops, Colonel  [wounded x4]
Alfred Calvin LEWELLEN -- 20th TEXAS Cavalry, Pvt.
Simon J. LIPE -- Co. C, 57th Reg't NC Infantry, Pvt.
Gettysburg/ c. Rappahannock Nov '63]
Adam LOHMAN/LOMAN -- Co. E, Malletto Battalion; Co. A, 54th Reg't NC State Troops
John LOHMAN/LOMAN -- Co. A, NC 4th Battalion Junior Reserves
William Lucius LORANCE -- Co. H, 4th ALABAMA Reg't Volunteer Infantry [1st Manassas
Wiley Henry LUDWICK -- Co. F, 63d Reg't (5th Reg't NC Cavalry), Pvt.
W. K. MAHAFFEY -- Co. A, 5th SCVI, [present at Appomattox]
George Hilton MASSEY -- Co. K, 6th Reg't SC Cavalry, Pvt.
Andrew Hamilton McCAIN -- Co. E/F, GA 1st Cavalry Reg't, Pvt [
POW- d. Camp Douglas, IL]
Benjamin Franklin McCAIN -- Co. D, 43d MISSISSIPPI Infantry, Pvt.
Benjamin Jasper McCAIN -- Co. D, GEORGIA 10th Reg't Cavalry
James Wilson McCAIN -- Co. A, 5th Reg't SC Infantry, Pvt. [w. Ft. Harrison (rt thigh) 30 Sep '64]
John B. McCAIN -- Co. D, 1st ALABAMA Cavalry, Pvt.
John Hamilton McCAIN -- Co. E, 3d Reg't ARKANSAS Infantry, Pvt [VA -Dec '62- dod-pneumonia]
John Johnston McCAIN -- Co. B, 26th Reg't NC Infantry [dod - '62

John Newton McCAIN -- Co. C, 39th MISSISSIPPI Infantry [d. Rankin County, MISSISSIPPI]
John Stewart McCAIN -- Co. B, 26th Reg't NC Troops, Pvt [x2 w'd /c.]
Joseph H. McCAIN -- Co. B, 30th Reg't ALABAMA Infantry, 1st Lt. [wd'd Nashville, TN /
Richard Hallum McCAIN -- Co. G, 10th Reg't ALABAMA Infantry, Pvt. [c.
Gettysburg- wd'd lft leg]
Robert Harrison McCAIN -- Co. I, 19th Georgia Infantry, Pvt. [
Battle of Antietam-w'd / d. '63]
William McCAIN -- 1st Cavalry MISSISSIPPI Reserve, Pvt.
William Ellis McCAIN -- Co. F, 48th Reg't NC Infantry, Pvt.

William J. McCAIN -- Co. F, 19th ARKANSAS infantry, Pvt. [June '63 -
POW- dod- fever]
William Johnson McCAIN -- 82d Regiment NC Militia Union County 20th Brigade, Colonel
Thomas Young McCONNELL -- Co. A, 11th Reg't NC Troops, Pvt.[
Gettysburg/Cold Harbor; Petersburg]
Henry H. B. McELROY -- Co. H, 24th Reg't ALABAMA [Chattanooga, TN - dod]
James Logan McKINSTRY -- Co. B, 13th TENNESSEE Infantry Regiment [Murfreesboro -'63-
Robert C. McMASTERS -- Co. L, 22nd Regiment NC Troops, Pvt. [Richmond -'62 dod]  
Joseph W. McMURRAY -- 82nd Regiment NC Militia, Union County 20th Brigade,
William Reaves McWHORTER -- Van Der Corput Company, GEORGIA Light Artillery, Pvt
Amzy H. MILLER -- Co. G, 13th Regiment SOUTH CAROLINA Volunteers, Pvt.
Benjamin Franklin MILLER -- Co. H, 1st Regiment SC Rifles (Orr's Rifles)
Bennet Haynes MILLER -- Co. G, 13th Regiment SOUTH CAROLINA Volunteers, Pvt.
George Washington MILLER -- Co. A, 4th SC Volunteer Cavalry, Pvt.
James Madison MILLER -- Co. C, SC 5th Battalion of State Troops, Senior Reserve
[Executed by Yankee Patrol in revenge for Union soldier death- see story under tab "Making History"]
John Alexander MILLER -- Co. F, 26th SCVI [
MISSISSIPPI - '63 dod]
John Lucas MILLER -- 12th Reg't SC Infantry, Colonel [Battle of Wilderness,VA -
John Simpson MILLER -- Co. D, 8th SCVI, Major
Josiah  MILLER -- Co. H, 1st Junior Reserves NC Troops 
Lovel MILLER -- Co. C, 5th Battalion of (SC) State Troops, Senior Reserves Pvt**
Noah Richardson MILLER -- Co. K, 63d Reg't (5th Reg't NC Cavalry) Pvt.
Robert P. MILLER -- Co. F, SC 7th Infantry Reg't, Pvt.
Thomas J. MILLER -- Co. K, SC 7th Infantry Reg't, Cpl.
James Harvey MONTGOMERY -- Co. A, 11th Reg't NC Infantry, 3d Lt
Gettysburg / w. Ream's Station, VA 25 Aug '64 leg amputated - 9 Sep '64 dow]
Jesse Anderson MONTGOMERY -- Co. M, 21st Reg't NC Infantry, Pvt [VIRGINIA /22 Aug '62
Davidson MOORE -- Co. C, 37th Reg't NC Infantry, Pvt. [Richmond, VA - Mar '63 dod]
James Alexander MOORE -- Co. G, 51st Regiment TENNESSEE Infantry, 1st Sgt.
James Edward C. MOORE -- Co. K, 23d Reg't NC Infantry, 
Pvt. [
KIA -Seven Pines31 May '62]
James Stanhope MOORE -- Co. B, 42th Reg't MISSISSIPPI Inf., Pvt. [
Gettysburg w / Wilderness w]
William Sampson MOORE -- Co. A, 11th GA Artillery Battalion   [
John Gaylon MORGAN -- Co. F, 26th SCVI, Private
William "Bill" Robert MORGAN -- Co. F, 26th SCVI, Sergant
Augustus V. MUNGO -- Co. B, 1st SC Artillery Reg't
George F. MUNGO -- Co. B, 4th Reg't SC State Troops
Duncan Cameron MURCHISON -- Co. G, 26 Regt NORTH CAROLINA Troops - Pvt.
[w./c. Gettysburg]
Alexander M. NESBIT -- Co. F, 48th Reg't NC Infantry, Cpl [x2 wounded]
Adam Ross NISBET -- Co. E, 34th Reg't NC Infantry, Sgt / Captain
Alexander Scott NISBET -- Co. I, 17th Reg't SC Volunteer Infantry, Pvt
George Gilmore NISBET -- Co. A, 9th Regiment SC Infantry, Pvt.
James Blackstone NISBET -- Co. I, 17th Reg't SC Infantry, Pvt (Lancaster Tigers) [
James Cooper NISBET -- Co. H, 21st Reg't GA Infantry / 66th Reg't GA Infantry; Capt / Colonel
John Alexander NISBET -- Co. I, 12th SCVI, Pvt. [
Gettysburg KIA]
John Calhoun NISBET -- Co. I, 17th Reg't SC Infantry, Pvt. (Lancaster Tigers) [
Joseph W. NISBET -- Co. C, 18th Reg't TN Infantry [Capt'd Feb '62 Ft. Donelson/ wd Jan '63 TN]
Reuben Battle NISBET -- 3d GEORGIA Infantry Reg't , 
Lt. Colonel
[w'd at Malvern Hill & Antietam /c. /exchngd to GA]
Thomas Riddle NISBET -- Co. A, 5th SCVI, 3rd Sgt.
William Calvin NISBET -- Co. I, 17th Reg't SC Infantry, Pvt.
[Petersburg, VA '64 
William E. NISBET -- Co. D, 1st SCVI, Pvt,
[The Crater, Petersburg, VA '64
Thomas Jackson OGBURN -- Co. B, 26th SCVI, Pvt.
Henry OWENS -- Co. B, 44th ALABAMA Infantry Reg't, Pvt.
David McKinley PARKS -- Co. B, 46th Reg't NC Infantry, Pvt.
Albert PHILLIPS -- Co. H, 2d SCVI, Pvt
Davis Collins PHILLIPS -- Co. C, 5th Battalion of State Troops, Sr Reserves, Pvt**

Edmond Deason PHILLIPS -- Co. G, 7th Battalion SC Infantry, Pvt  [Class B Veteran /loss limb]
George Washington PHILLIPS, Sr. -- Co. A, 4th SCVI, Pvt
Hugh L. PHILLIPS -- Co. H, 2d SCVI, Pvt [Sharpsburg, MD '62
John Jefferson PHILLIPS -- Co. I, 17th Reg't SC Infantry, Pvt. [
c. Petersburg, VA / POW]
Robert John PHILLIPS -- Co. I, 17th SCVI, Cpl; 
Co. F, 7th Battalion SCVI, Pvt.
Robert Paul PHILLIPS -- Co. C, 6th Reg't SCVI, Pvt. [w'd]
William Burrell PHILLIPS -- Co. I, 17th Reg't SC Infantry, Corporal
William Travis PHILLIPS -- Co. G, 2d SCVI, Pvt [
w. Gettysburg]
Francis Wilkerson PICKENS -- Governor of SC (1860-1862) 
Authorized firing on Ft. Sumter 12 Apr 1861
Charles Franklin RAINER -- Co. C, 40th Reg't ALABAMA Infantry, Sgt. [captured x3]
William Franklin REECE -- Co. A, 53d Reg't NC State Troops, Pvt [
w. Spotsylvania CH, VA]
Nathaniel Marone REID -- Co. G, 22d Reg't NC State Troops, Pvt [
Chancellorsville - dow]
 -- Co. F, 48th Reg't NC State Troops [King's School House, VA
William E. RICHARDSON -- Co. F, 48th Reg't NC State Troops
John Jefferson ROBERTS -- Co. E, 12th SCVI, Pvt (Blair Guards)
John Reed ROBERTS -- Co. E, 12th SCVI, Pvt (Blair Guards)
Adam Crall RODGERS -- Co. H, 54th GEORGIA Infantry Reg't, Pvt.
Hugh Ross RODGERS -- Co. C, 46th ALABAMA Infantry Reg't, Pvt. [
dod - ILLINOIS Prison]
James McCrudy RODGERS -- Co. H, 54th GEORGIA Infantry Reg't, Pvt
Joseph RODGERS -- Co. D, 2d (Palmetto) SCVI, Pvt
Robert Hill RODGERS -- Co. H, 54th GEORGIA Infantry Reg't, Pvt
Samuel Craig RODGERS -- Co. C, 54th GEORGIA Infantry Reg't, Pvt
James Wooten ROGERS -- Co. G, 27th Regt LOUISANA Volunteer Infantry [c. Vicksburg]
Peyton Graves ROGERS I -- Co. G, 27th Regt LOUISANA Volunteer Infantry, Pvt
Young William ROGERS I -- Co. G, 27th Regt LOUISANA Volunteer Infantry, Pvt
William Samuel ROGERS -- Co. A, 4th Regiment NC State Troops Infantry, Pvt [Gettysburg]
William ROSS -- Co. L, 48th Regt MISSISSIPPI Vols. Pvt [
Lynchburg, VA 10 Apr '63 dod- typhoid fever]
Abner Matthew SELLERS -- Co. A, SC 4th Cavalry Reg't
Andrew Jckson SELLERS -- Co. D SC 9th Battalion/Co. F. 26th SC Infantry Reg't, Pvt
James P. SHAW -- Co. B, 1 Reg't NC Infantry, Pvt [w. Winchester, VA /c. Spotsylvania CH/
POW Elmira, NY]
Robert SHAW -- Co. B, 1 Reg't NC Infantry, Pvt [w&c Sharpsburg/ c. Spotsylvania CH/
POW Elmira, NY]
Solomon SHEPPHERD -- Co. H, 1 Reg't NC Infantry, Pvt
Gettysburg /c. Spotsylvania CH, VA 12 May '64 / POW Elmira, NY]
Adam A. SILER -- Co. B, NC 6th Senior Reserves, Pvt
Albert SILER -- Co. I, 39th Reg't NC Troops, Pvt 
Alson Record SILER -- Co. G, 26th Reg't NC Troops, Pvt [Petersburg]
Columbus Franklin SILER -- Co. M, 22d Reg't NC Troops, Captain [w.x3 VA/
Gettysburg ]
Horace Wilbur SILER -- Co. G, 26th Reg't NC Troops, Corporal [
w. Gettysburg]
James Lewis SILER -- Co. G, 26th Reg't NC Troops,Pvt[
c.New Bern/Gettysburg/w.VA- May '64]
James Weimar SILER -- Co. K, 9th Reg't NC (1st Reg't NC Cavalry) [dod
James Willis SILER -- Co. B, 33d Reg't TN Infantry, Pvt
Jesse Weimar SILER -- Co.K, 9th Reg't NCST, 2d Lt. [
Gaines' X-Roads, VA
John Quincy Adams SILER -- Co.G, 26th Reg't NC Troops, Corporal [
w. Gettysburg]
John Randolph SILER -- Co. B, 27th Reg't NC Troops, Pvt [
VA w'd /c.]
John Womble SILER -- Co. E, 63d Reg't [5th Regt NC Cavalry] [Kennan's Landing, NC 
mortally w'd]
Josiah S. SILER -- Co. H, 1st NORTH CAROLINA Junior Reserve, Pvt.
Julius Thomas SILER -- Co. E, 6th Reg't NC Cavalry,
Luther C SILER -- Co. I, 40th Reg't 3d NC Artillery, Pvt, Musician
Philip S. SILER -- Co. E, 5th Reg't NC Cavalry, Pvt
Rufus Swaim SILER -- Co, I, 39th Reg't NC Troops, 3d Lt[
TN - dod]
Samuel F. SILER -- Co. G, 26th Reg't NC Troops, Pvt [NC - dod]
Samuel Woods C. SILER -- Co. G, 26th Reg't NC Troops, Pvt,[VA - dod]
Silas SILER -- Co. B, 6th Reg't Senior Reserves, NC Troops, Pvt.
Spencer D. SILER -- Co. A, 5th Reg't NC Troops, Pvt [c.
Thaddeus Patton SILER -- 7th Battalion NC Cavalry, Major [
w'd /c. /exchngd]
Thomas Summerfield SILER -- Co. K, 9th Reg't NCST (1st Reg't NC Cavalry) Sgt
Thompson SILER -- Co. C, Maliefro Battalion, Pvt
Weimar Decatur SILER -- Co. F, 36th Reg't 2nd NC Artillery, Pvt
Wesley C. SILER -- Co. M, 22d Reg't NC Troops, Pvt [
Gettysburg KIA]
William J. SILER -- Co. I, 26th Reg't NC Troops, Pvt [
Gettysburg KIA]
William Murchison SILER -- Co. G, 26th Reg't NC Troops, Pvt [c.
Gettysburg- d. prisoner]
William P. SILER -- Co. H, 16th Reg't NC (Enlisted age 15) / Pvt. 1st Regt NC Cavalry [p.Charlotte 27 May'65]
William Theodore SILER -- Co. K, 9th Reg't NC Troops (1st Regmt NC Cavalry),Sgt [
VA -
John Richardson SIMPSON -- Co. B, 26th Reg't NC Troops, Pvt [
Richard Thomas SISTARE -- Co. F, 48th Reg't NC Troops, Full Sgt.
Charles C. SMITH -- Co. B, 44th Alabama Infantry [Petersburg, VA - KIA
Martin Luther SMITH -- CSA Major General, Chief Engineer New Orleans & Vicksburg
Philander D. SMITH -- Co. K, 63d Reg't NC (NC 5th Reg't Cavalry), Pvt.
William Riley SMITH -- Co. B, 44th ALABAMA Infantry [
Richmond, VA -15 June '64 dod]
Uriah SNIPES -- Co. E, 2d Georgia Infantry
John Alexander SOWELL -- Co. H, 2nd SCVI, Captain [
w. Gettysburg]
Lewis SOWELL -- Co. E, 5th Battalion of (SC) State Troops, Senior Reserves, Pvt**
David A STARNES -- Co. H, 30th Reg't NC Troops [
w'd /rt foot amputated]
James Milton STEWART -- Co. F, 22d SCVI, - Major
John Millen STEWART -- Co. C, 10th Battalion NC Hvy Arillery, Pvt.
Robert A STEWART -- Co F, 22d SCVI, - Pvt
William Everett STEWART -- Co. C, 10th Battalion NC Heavy Artillery, Pvt
John Alexander STIKELEATHER -- Co. A, 4th Reg't NC Infantry, Sgt/ Ensign
Oliver Riley STOUT -- Co. H, 46th Reg't NC Infantry [
Wilderness '64 w'd]
Andrew SUMMERS -- Co. M, 21st Reg't NC State Troops, 2nd Lt. [w'd]
Calvin SUMMERS -- Allen's Company (Capt Henry P. ALLEN) NC Local Defense
Elias SUMMERS -- Co. E, 27th Reg't NC Infantry, Pvt [VA - dod]
George Washington SUMMERS -- Co. B, 1st Reg't NC Infantry, Pvt. [
Gettysburg Nov '63 /dschg]
George Washington SUMMERS -- Co. K, 63d Reg't NC Troops (5th Regmt NC Cavalry),Pvt,[
Harper SUMMERS -- Co. M, 21st Regiment NC Troops, Sgt [d.
Winchester, VA. '64]
Herman Alexander SUMMERS -- Co, I, 40th Regiment NC Troops (3rd Regt NC Artillery) Pvt
Hezekiah SUMMERS -- Co. A, 13th Regiment NC Troops, Pvt [
POW Pt. Lookout, MD - d.]
James Simquin SUMMERS -- NCST
Jesaias/Jaazaniah SUMMERS -- Co. M, 21st Reg't NC Troops, Pvt [
w.Gettysburg/POW Ft. Monroe,VA- d.]
John Henry Pickard SUMMERS -- Co. K, 47th Reg't NC Troops, Pvt  [
Gettysburg KIA]
Julius B. SUMMERS -- Co. K, 47th Reg't NC Troops, Pvt
Martin SUMMERS -- Co. H, 1st Reg't NC State Troops, Pvt
[VA - dod]
Nathan Madison SUMMERS
 -- Co. A, 1st Reg't NC State Troops, Pvt [c. Chancellorsville 3 May '63]
Peter H(ofni) SUMMERS -- Co. E, 27th Reg't NC State Troops, Pvt
Peter Riley SUMMERS -- Co. A, 53d Reg't NC State Troops, Pvt
Gettysburg KIA]
Pinckney SUMMERS - Co. B, 45th Reg't NC State Troops, Pvt. [w.
Gettysburg /arm amputated]
Samuel Washington SUMMERS -- Co. K, 47th Reg't NC Troops, Pvt
[dod- NC]
Saunders SUMMERS -- Co. K, 72th Reg't NC Troops, Pvt
William Edward SUMMERS -- Co. M, 21st Reg't NC State Troops, Pvt
[dow- VA]
Wiliam M. SUMMERS -- Co. B, 27th Reg't NC Troops, Pvt
w. VA]
Zachariah SUTTON -- Co. D, 1st SCVI (Hagood's), Pvt 
William Duncan TALIAFERRO -- Co. K, 12th TEXAS Infantry, Pvt. 
Thomas A. TATE -- Co. A, 1st Infantry Reg't (The Bethel Reg't) Pvt. 
Henry C. THOMAS -- Co. A. 4th Reg't ALABAMA Infantry
 John Wesley THREATT, Sr. -- Co. B, 8th SC Infantry Reg't, Pvt. 
James Franklin TROXLER -- Co. K, 47th Reg't NC Infantry, Pvt. [Raleigh, NC '62 dod]
William TROXLER -- Co. A, 53d Reg't NC Infantry
POW Elmira Prison, NY Died]
Jesse Erasmus TRUESDALE -- Co. G, 2nd SCVI, Captain [
w. Gettysburg]
Neil Gordon WALKER -- Co. F/E, 3d Reg't TN Infantry, 1st Sgt [Raymond, MISS - May '63
Henry Clay WALKUP -- Co. B, 26th Reg't NC Infantry, Pvt
w. Gettysburg]
Israel Pickens WALKUP -- Co. B, 26th Reg't NC Infantry, Pvt
w. Gettysburg]
James Mila WALKUP -- Co. I, 1st SC Reg't Infantry, Pvt
Robert Legran WALKUP -- Co. E, 4th Reg't TN Cavalry; 8th Reg't (Smith's); Pvt.
Samuel Harvey WALKUP -- Co. B, 26th Reg't NC Infantry, 1st Sgt. [Gettysburg w.x2]
Samuel Hoey WALKUP -- 48th Reg't NC Infantry, Colonel [
w. Fredericksburg]
William Wilshire WALKUP -- NC Home Guard, Colonel
D. (Dock) C. WALLACE -- Co. I, 17th SC Infantry Reg't, Pvt
[x2 wounded]
S. J. WALLACE -- Co. J, 17th SC Infantry Reg't, Pvt
KIA- Battle of Antietam]
Wilson W. WALLLACE -- Co. I, 17th SC Infantry Reg't, Pvt
[c. Petersburg, VA
James Reeves WEEMS -- Co. A, GEORGIA 44th Infantry, Pvt [dod/tonsillitis]  
Christopher (Chris) Columbus WELSH -- Co. E, 12th SCVI, (
Assistant Surgeon- Blair Guards) 
Francis (Frank) Marion WELSH --Co. D, 1st SCVI, (Waxhaw Guard)

                [Battle of 2d Manassas/Severely w. in thigh /Captured in Eastern TN]
James Virgil WELSH -- Co. D, 1st SCVI, (Waxhaw Guard) Pvt

John Rushing WELSH -- Co. H, 2d SCVI, 2nd Lt.
Thomas (Tommy) Jennings WELSH   Co. D, 1st SCVI, 5th Sergeant [c. VA - POW]
William James WHITE -- Co. H, 4th SC Cavalry, Pvt.

Thomas Donnell WHITTINGTON -- Co. A, 53rd Reg't NC State Troops [Petersburg, VA '65
David Aurelius WILLIAMS -- Co. H, 2d SCVI, 2d Sgt [
w. Gettysburg]
James Madison WILLIAMS -- Co. F, 26th SC Infantry Reg't, Pvt.[dod 1864]
John Franklin WILLIAMS -- Co. H, 2d Reg't SC Volunteer Infantry, 4th Cpl [
VA, '61 dod]
Madrid J. WILLIAMS -- Co. E, 12th SCVI, Pvt
[Richmond '62 dod]
Thomas Elmo WILLIAMS -- Co. H, 2d SCVI - Musician [Orange CH, VA KIA]
Uriah Asa WILLIAMS -- Co. H, 2d SCVI, Pvt.
[Spotsylvania CH, VA '64
William Jehlye WILLIAMS -- Co. E, 12th SCVI, Pvt
Wylie Aaron WILLIAMS -- Co. E, 12th SCVI, Cpl. [
Spotsylvania CH, VA '64
Henry D, WINECOFF -- Co. H, 7th Regiment NC Infantry, Pvt.  [Richmond, VA dow '62]
William H. WINECOFF -- Co. H, 7th Regiment NC Infantry, Pvt. [Staunton, VA dod '62]
Allen Monroe WYNN -- Co. H, 20th Regiment TEXAS Infantry, 5th Sgt. / Pvt.
Alfred WYRICK -- Co. A, 1st Reg't NC Infantry, Pvt
Richmond, VA dow '62]
Calvin G. WYRICK -- Co. B, 45th Reg't NC Infantry, Pvt
Richmond,VA dow '65]
David WYRICK -- Co. A, McLEAN's Battalion NC Light Duty Men, Pvt.
James Martin WYRICK -- Co. M, 21st Reg't NC Infantry, Pvt,[Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville 
John WYRICK -- Co. E, 22nd Reg't NC Infantry, Pvt.
[2nd Manassas '62
Martin Wright WYRICK -- Co. E, 22nd Reg't NC Infantry, 1st Sgt.[c.
Gettysburg/ w.Fraziers Farm, VA]
Milton Weatherly WYRICK -- Co. B, 45th Reg't NC Infantry,Cpl [POW c.Spotsylvania CH, VA /
Noah Edward WYRICK -- Co. A, 4th Battalion NC Junior Reserves [c. Fort Fisher, NC /
William A. WYRICK -- Co. I, 40th Reg't NCT (3rd Rgmt NC Artillery), Pvt
William S. WYRICK -- Co. A, 1st Reg't NC Infantry, Pvt.
[Fredericksburg, VA
James Linn YEAGER -- Co. C, 1st Battalion Alabama Artillery
POW Elmira, NY]
* 3rd Regiment SC State Troops - Company of 16 year boys.         
(Q) - Quaker
** 5th Battalion of State Reserves (SC) - Organized troops of men 55 years and older.

NOTE: Paroles were primarily given at (A) Appomattox; (C) Charlotte; (G) Greensboro.                         To see where the Confederate soldiers that survived the war were PAROLED, see data located in  MAKING HISTORY tab section.

US CIVIL WAR (1861-1865)
 or "
UNION TROOPS                                          [Nr of family related men = 29+]
ALBRIGHT [IL]; ALEXANDER [TN] ; CAGLE [AL Vols. & NC Mounted Vols.];

NOTE: Due to the number of family males recently determined to have been in the Civil War, both in the Confederate and Union Armies, I have established a separate roster in my data base with their names, organization, rank and service. This roster lists those family members who fought in
blue or the gray
. Many of the Junior and Senior Reserves are in the database roster. Surnames for Union soldiers will be listed above for the readers reference.
NOTE:  Readers who wish a copy of the "Rosters" both Confederate and Union, please e-mail me.

Served in the
and GRAY Uniform
As did Mark Twain, some family connections served in both armies of the Civil War. Their reasons remain a mystery to their families and us today. Sometimes this action made return to home impossible. They and their immediate families removed to new places, sometimes new states. Below are those I have found:  
Christopher Columbus MOORE
     CSA - Co. E, 52d GEORGIA Infantry
     USA - Co. C, 5th Mounted Infantry TENNESSEE Volunteers
Joseph S. BLACK
     CSA - Co. K, 17 Regiment ALABAMA Infantry
     USA - US 6th Volunteer Infan


Ephriam Mays BREVARD -- 2d NC Regiment - Captain & Asst. Surgeon

*WWI (1917-1918)

Stephan Franklin DEES-- US Army
Bonnie Tillman DEES-- US Army
Richard Hobson HILTON -- Co. M, 118th Infantry (Palmetto Regiment) AEF 30th Infantry Divison
Wounded in Action - Ypres, France 
                           Awarded US Congressional Medal of Honor, 
The Purple Heart 
The French Croix de Guerre and Military Medal, The Montgenegran Medialle de Brusoure
                                         The British Distinguished Conduct Medal and the Distinguished Service Cross
Lindsay Belton OWENS -- US Army 64th Infantry 7th Div Sgt
Coleman PHILLIPS -- US Army  Co. G, 323d Infantry  [KIA]
William Burrel PHILLIPS-- US Navy Hospital Corpsman "in the islands"
William Hazel PLYLER -- US 27 Aero Sqd 1st Lt.
Ivan Leon SILER, Sr. -- US Army (France 1917-1918)

*WWII (1941-1945)
Bartow Phillps COLLINS-- US ARMY, Sgt Major Awarded Purple Heart, Bronze Star
Adrey Vernon HASTY-- US ARMY (KIA- Pearl Harbor- Hickman Field)
David Calvin PHILLIPS -- US NAVY
Steve Franklin PHILLIPS, Jr. -- US Army, WWII - Vietnam - Colonel
Awarded Silver Star; Bronze Stars x3; Purple Heart x2 Legion of Merit x3
Thomas Jefferson PHILLIPS -- USS Leyete Gulf (supply ship)
Thomas Jerry PHILLIPS -- USS Philippine Sea, USS Saratoga, USS Kearsarge
           [was assigned to Antartic Expedition 1946-1947 "OPERATION HIGHJUMP"

William Burrel PHILLIPS, Jr. -- USS George E Davis  DE 357
John Robert SUMMERS -- US ARMY - West Point Army Engineers

*KOREAN WAR (1950-1953)
James Andrew PHILLIPS, Sr. -- US NAVY - USS Leyete (CVA 32) USS Randolph (CVA 15) 
USS Coral Sea (CVA 43)
Richard Jackson PHILLIPS -- US NAVY - USS Philippine Sea (CVA 33)

*VIET NAM WAR (1963-1975)
William Fisher CORBETT -- US Navy
Wylie O. PHILLIP --
US ARMY 23 Inf 25 Inf Div  (KIA - South Vietnam)

*PERSIAN GULF WAR (1990-1991)
Robert Wyman PHILLIPS
 -- US NAVY - USS Von Steuben,  USS Simon Bolivar
John William PHILLIPS-- US ARMY, Lt. Colonel

*BOSNIA WAR (Yugoslavia)
Timothy Jefferson PHILLIPS
-- US NAVY - USS Alberquerque, USS Annapolis, USS San Juan